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Skills of Shuangdeng Battery Terminal

Precautions for installation of double-access batteries Before installing and using batteries, the terminals of each batteries in double-access batteries should be firmly connected. First of all, we should carefully read the instructions of the malfeasant products and install and use them as required.

The following points should be paid attention to in double-access batteries. The initial charging current should be according to the specified value of the instruction or the rated capacity of 1/10 of the current. When charging normally in use, it is better to adopt graded constant current charging mode, that is, to use larger current at the initial stage of charging, to use smaller current after charging for a certain period of time, and to use smaller current at the later stage of charging. This charging method has higher charging efficiency, shorter charging time, better charging effect, and is beneficial for prolonging the life of the Shuangdeng battery. 1. Installation plan should take into account site conditions, such as: ground load; ventilation environment; sunlight exposure; corrosion and organic solvents; easy maintenance of machine room cloth; requirements for system accommodation; and so on. 2. Old and new batteries should not be mixed before they are disposed of. Different indium-like batteries or batteries with corona are never mixed. 3. Batteries are 100% charged and must be carefully operated to avoid short-circuit. When installing, they should be absolutely used: wear insulating gloves to prevent electric shock. 4. Shuangdeng batteries are stored in the environment before installation and use. The storage period is 3 months. If the storage period exceeds 3 months, 40 V/batteries (250 voltage) will be used to supplement the battery. 5. Connect the batteries between columns, layers and panel terminals according to the specified series-parallel lines. Negative polarity and system voltage should be carefully checked before installing terminal connectors and conducting the whole Panasonic battery system. It should be noted that the lead-out line should be as short as possible to reduce the voltage drop when discharging at high current on the premise of the cross-section area of the symbol. When more than two batteries are connected in parallel, the cable length from each battery to the load is the best, so as to balance the current of each battery when charging and discharging. 6. Battery connection socket, bolt must be tightened, but also to prevent the pole insert copper damage when the tightening force is too large. 7. At the end of installation, the positive and negative poles of the system and battery should be checked again to ensure that the installation of double-access batteries is stopped. 8. Soap water can be used to wet the soft cloth to clean the battery shell, cover, panel and connection wires. No organic solvent can be used to clean and corrode the battery cover and other components.

1. High specific energy: high capacity, light weight, only about 75% of yd/t1360-2005 standard weight.

2. Long service life: under normal operation condition, the floating charge operation of GM series can reach 8-10 years.

3. Extra wide range of temperature environment: Our high-energy environmentally friendly nano-silicon batteries can work normally in a wide temperature range of? 30 ~50 ~C. Generally there are lead-acid batteries, such as at? 20 (?) C, whose capacity can only be about 50% of the normal temperature capacity. At? 30 (?) C, most of the batteries lose their working capacity. When the ambient temperature is higher than 50 (?) C, thermal runaway will occur, and their performance and life will decrease significantly. However, the capacity of high-energy and environmental-friendly nano-silicon batteries remains above 70% at ambient temperature? 20 (?) C and about 50% at? 40 (?) C. At ambient temperature up to 50 (?), the performance of the batteries remains good without thermal runaway. Especially suitable for use in cold and high temperature areas and outdoor communication integrated base station.

4. Low internal resistance: 2-5 times smaller than general lead-acid batteries, 1/3?1/2 of the relevant standards.

5. Charging and discharging characteristics of high current are good: charging and discharging with high current will not heat and damage the battery.

6. Small self-discharge and long storage time: self-discharge rate less than 0.15%/day. Generally, lead-acid batteries can only be stored for 3 to 6 months at 25 ~C, and only for 2 months at 40 ~C. However, the high-energy and environment-friendly nano-silicon battery can be stored for one year, and still retains more than 75% of the charge capacity. Long-term storage will not affect its charging and use performance, and bring convenience to the circulation and use of batteries.

7. The self-innovative active material of the battery has excellent activity and anti-decay: it makes the battery have complete discharge function, no memory of charge and discharge, no minimum discharge voltage limit, and it can be charged at any time without discharging before charging. It is very sensitive to low speed and small current. Only 0.03A current can still be charged, which improves efficiency and is convenient to use.

8. Battery consistency is good: the capacity error of group batteries is less than 2.5%.

9. Green environmental protection: Electrolyte is a nano-scale gas-phase silica gel electrolyte. In the process of use, the gas recombination rate is as high as 99.9%, the water loss is less than 0.02g/ah (far lower than the international 2g/ah), the gas precipitation is "0", and there is no waste acid and wastewater discharge. Therefore, the use of high-energy environmental protection nano-silicon batteries can save the cost of cleaning environmental protection equipment, plant, equipment maintenance costs due to acid corrosion. Really achieve maintenance-free, green environmental protection.



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