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What if the internal resistance of double-access battery is too large?

When the internal resistance exceeds 80 m, a balanced charging or activation treatment is needed. The increase of internal resistance of batteries will inevitably accompany the decrease of actual output energy, which shows that the capacity of batteries decreases. When the internal resistance of 100AH batteries reaches 80M, the actual capacity of batteries is only about 50AH. In addition, there are other factors causing the reduction of the capacity of batteries, such as electrolyte loss.

If your Shunden battery has exceeded the warranty period, please carefully open the top battery cover after power off and check the electrolyte. The solution is sulphuric acid. Appropriate amount of sulphuric acid is dripped into the glass wool inside the battery to be saturated with glass wool.

I. Charging and Discharging Problems

In exactly the same environment, a small amount of electricity is used in the double-deck battery, which has a very small impact on the resistance of the battery. If a large number of abnormal charges and discharges occur, the resistance will change, generally discharging at a low rate of 20%, and the change of internal resistance will be observed less than 3%.

II. Temperature Effect

If the temperature is abnormal, too high or too low, the effect of high temperature at 102 degrees Fahrenheit on the internal resistance of the battery is very small (less than 2%). Low temperature has some effect on internal resistance, but the effect of temperature on internal resistance of temperature battery is very weak when the temperature of electrolyte is not lower than 65 degrees Fahrenheit.


If the Shuangdeng batteries are idle for a long time, not charged, and the negative poles are in a state of incomplete charging for a long time, which leads to irreversible damage to the active materials, that is, lead sulfide, which affects the resistance.

IV. Drying up of Electrolyte

Electrolyte is necessary for batteries. When using double-access batteries, we should pay attention to the use of temperature, charge and discharge times, vulcanization and drying up of electrolyte. Drying up of electrolyte will lead to resistance problems.



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