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Quotation of parameters and models of double-access batteries

Shuangdeng is the R&D, production and sales base of China's high-tech new generation energy products, and the industry leader. Shuangdeng is the vice-chairman unit of China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association and China Battery Industry Association. It has the leading high-quality products and systems in the industry, research and development strength and marketing service capabilities.

Shuangdeng is a "national contract and trustworthiness enterprise", which firmly attaches importance to the competition of product quality, reputation and service cognitive value. In the development of enterprises, Shuangdeng is the only "national environmental friendly enterprise" in the industry. It is also the honorary winner of "National Key High-tech Industrial Group" and "Top 100 Enterprises of Electronic Information in China".

Constantly absorbing the world's most advanced concepts and technologies and enhancing the ability of independent innovation are the motive force and rigid internal cause of Shuangdeng's development. Shuangdeng has always adhered to the strategic cooperation with excellent scientific research institutes, continuously innovated scientific research, established advanced energy development research center, academician workstation, post-doctoral research workstation, national enterprise technology center and Nanjing Science and Technology Development Research Institute in cooperation with Chinese Academy of Sciences, undertook National 863 scientific research projects and developed high-end new energy projects in the world.

Shuangdeng Battery Group has the courage to assume social responsibility, the corresponding policy calls, firmly promote the cause of green low-carbon, faithful practice of "new energy, recycling, high-tech" concept of faith guidance. Shuangdeng pays attention to the five key links of design and development, green procurement, system management, recycling, energy saving and emission reduction. It promotes social progress and assumes corporate responsibility. It has never stopped on the road of driving the future with green energy.

Shuangdeng Battery has always been focusing on communication, power, railway, aviation, military, civil and other fields, wholeheartedly providing comprehensive energy storage solutions for international first-class enterprises, ranking first in the market share of domestic mainstream telecommunication operators for many years, and has obtained access certification from dozens of countries such as Europe and the United States, the United Kingdom, India and other five continents and more than 80 countries and regions. Overseas sales have continued to grow in the past five years.

"Traditional battery manufacturer" upgrades to "new energy system solution provider" at full speed. Today's Shuangdeng batteries are more sophisticated and experienced than ever before to provide perfect and systematic energy storage solutions to global customers. With the benign gradient development structure of production generation, trial production generation, design generation and conception generation, the scope and depth of products are continuously extended. High-tech products reach the highest level in the industry and enter the competitive market of high-end energy products in the world.



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