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Brief Introduction and Main Application Range of Shuangdeng Battery

Shuangdeng batteries have covered 2V, 12V AGM and gel valve-regulated sealed lead batteries, 2V, 6V and 12V liquid-rich lead batteries, 2V, 6V and 12V winding batteries, 24V, 36V and 48V power lead batteries; lithium-ion batteries for communications and their materials, winding batteries, amorphous silicon composite thin film solar cells, wind-solar complementary solar systems have rapidly expanded, and solar batteries can now be mass produced. Component and independent power supply wind-solar complementary solar energy system; In smart grid field, "solar module off-grid power generation system", "wind-solar complementary power generation system", "optical fiber household OPLC", "UHV and UHV large cross-section conductor", "intelligent residential area", "State Grid Intelligent Charging System", "State Grid Energy Storage Power Station (application of dual-access energy storage battery) ” Shuangdeng lithium ion battery system, flat AGM battery system, super battery, traction battery and so on are widely used in electric bicycles and electric vehicles in the field of new energy vehicles. Among them, lithium ion power battery system has been successfully applied to Shanghai buses, and the operation effect is good.

I believe that with the continuous development of R&D work, R&D investment continues to increase, the company's new products and new technologies will continue to increase, the overall competitiveness will continue to enhance!

6-FMX VRLA batteries are designed for high durability of communication and electronic applications. The front-end design is used in the external connection of batteries, which makes the loading and unloading of batteries very convenient and makes them the first choice of advanced UPS power supply. The battery series adopts a narrow and long structure, the ratio of length to width of the battery reaches 3.75-5.00, which makes the battery have excellent heat dissipation performance and greatly reduces the possibility of thermal runaway of the battery. It can be widely used in telecommunications, uninterrupted power supply, power plant, substation, control system, microwave relay station, telemetry equipment, solar energy and wind energy storage and other fields.

6-GFM valve-regulated sealed lead-acid battery is a new type of high-energy battery developed by using modern advanced technology. Its performance indicators meet YD/T799-2002 and IEC standards. The product has the advantages of safe and reliable sealing, high specific energy, low internal resistance, low self-discharge rate, strong charging acceptance, long cycle life and high sealing reaction efficiency. In normal use, it has no free electrolyte, no acid fog overflow, easy maintenance and use. It can be widely used in telecommunication communication system, uninterrupted power supply (UPS), alarm and fire protection system, emergency lighting system, mobile measuring equipment, power system, instruments and meters, military field, railway system, automatic control equipment and other fields.

GFM series VRLA batteries are the latest products developed by Shuangdeng with the latest technology. The products meet the YD/T799-2010 standard of the Ministry of Information Industry of China, JISC8704-2:1999 standard of Japan and IEC 60896-2,2004 standard. Their performance indexes have reached the leading level in China and enjoy a good reputation in China. This product can be widely used in telecommunications, mobile, interconnection, railway, ship and other communications, signal system backup power supply, power system, nuclear power plant backup power supply, solar, wind power generation and energy storage system, as well as UPS, emergency lighting and other backup power supply.

The main applications of double-access batteries are as follows:

Standby power supply for telecommunication, mobile, network, railway, airport and other communication and signal systems;

Power system and standby power supply for nuclear power plant;

Solar energy, wind energy, hydroelectric energy storage, wind and solar complementary engineering;

Ship, maritime and other standby power supply;

Petrochemical system standby power supply;

Marine signals and navigation aids;

Information industry;

UPS, medical equipment, emergency lighting and other standby power supply;



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