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Does the high voltage of charger affect the double-deck battery?

The charge amount of double-access batteries is almost independent of the charge voltage. All battery manufacturers agree that batteries with low charging voltage will not be fully charged, and batteries will be salted and discarded ahead of time, especially when the temperature is low in winter. Our experiment happens to be in winter, the water temperature is 5 C, the central value of the experiment is 44V, the deviation is 1V, and the relative error is 2.3%. In the case of charging 43V and 45V, there is little difference between charging and discharging, which is quite different from the generally accepted view. Our experiment uses the same batteries, the same charging and discharging conditions, and makes the same test in turn. The experimental data repeats the same rule, which can eliminate the interference of accidental factors. The experimental data are accurate and credible.

From the charging principle of Shuangdeng battery, as long as the charging source voltage is higher than the battery terminal voltage, the battery will be charged until the conversion of active substances in the battery is completed. The highest charging voltage, that is, the charging source begins to change from the constant current area to the constant voltage area. This change is determined by the amount of battery charged and the reaction of active substances. The charging voltage is only the condition for electrochemical reaction. As long as it is higher than the open-circuit voltage of the battery, the battery will be charged. How many substances can participate in the reaction is determined by the battery itself. From this point of view, it is not difficult to conclude that the charging voltage has little effect on the battery capacity.

1. The influence of the temperature of Shuangdeng battery on the reliability of battery

Temperature has a great influence on the natural aging process of Shuangdeng batteries. Detailed experimental data show that the life of Shuangdeng batteries decreases by 10% for every temperature rise of 5 degrees Celsius. Therefore, UPS design should keep the Shuangdeng batteries as warm as possible. All on-line and back-up/on-line hybrid UPS have higher calorific value than backup or on-line interactive UPS (so fans or precision air conditioners are installed in the former), which is also an important reason for the relatively long replacement cycle of backup or on-line interactive UPS batteries.

2. Design of Shuangdeng Battery Charger Affects Battery Reliability

UPS is a very important part of Shuangdeng battery charger. The charging conditions of Shuangdeng battery have a great impact on battery life. If the battery is in constant voltage or "floating" charging state, UPS battery life can be maximized. In fact, the battery life in charge state is much longer than that in storage state. Because the charging of the Shuangdeng batteries can delay the natural aging process of the batteries, UPS should keep the batteries charged in both running and shutdown states.

3. The Voltage of Shuangdeng Battery Affects the Reliability of Battery

Shuangdeng batteries are composed of a single "primary battery", each of which has a voltage of about 2 volts. When the primary batteries are connected in series, a 12 volt battery consists of 6 primary batteries, a 24 volt battery consists of 12 primary batteries and so on. When UPS's double-access batteries are charged, each primary battery connected in series is charged. Slightly different performance of primary batteries will lead to higher charging voltage of some primary batteries than other primary batteries, and this part of the batteries will aging ahead of time. As long as the performance of an old battery in series decreases, the performance of the whole double-access battery will also decline. Experiments show that the battery life is related to the number of primary batteries in series. The higher the voltage of double-access batteries, the faster the aging.

When the capacity of UPS is constant, the battery voltage should be kept as low as possible in design, so that the longer the life of UPS double-logged batteries will be. When the battery voltage is constant, the batteries connected in series with less voltage should be selected, and the batteries connected in series with more voltage and lower voltage should not be selected. Some UPS manufacturers have higher battery voltage, because when the capacity is constant, the higher the voltage is, the smaller the current is. Thinner conductors and lower power semiconductors can be selected to reduce the cost of UPS. The battery voltage of UPS with capacity of about 1KVA is generally 24-96V.

4. Ripple Current of Shuangdeng Battery Affects Battery Reliability

Ideally, in order to prolong the life of UPS batteries, Shuangdeng batteries should always be kept in the state of "floating" charging or constant voltage charging. In this state of electricity, a fully charged battery absorbs very small charger currents, which are called "floating" or "self-discharge" currents. It's funny that fans remind the wrong car on Zhanghan Airport to impose calm scenes! Although battery manufacturers recommend it, some UPS designs (many on-line) allow batteries to withstand some extra small currents, called ripple currents. Ripple current is generated when batteries are continuously supplied to the inverters, because according to the principle of energy conservation, the inverters must have input DC current to produce AC output. In this way, the battery forms a small charge-discharge cycle, and the charge-discharge current frequency is twice the output frequency of UPS (50 or 60 Hz).

There will be no ripple current in common backup UPS, online interactive UPS or backup/ferromagnetic UPS. The ripple current in other UPS designs will vary in size, depending on the specific design method. Just check the structure of UPS to see if the UPS can generate ripple current.



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